ABOUT Sifu Abdul Maarabouni

Starting his Martial Arts training in 1993 with Yin Lung Si Gung George Kovacs 9th-Dan at Lightning Fist Martial Arts Academy, Abdul was one of the most committed students eager to learn and advance – training every day possible in both Kung Fu and Chinese Kickboxing.
Soon after joining, Abdul began competing in tournaments.  After his first tournament experience, Sifu Abdul made it his mission to never disappoint his fellow peers in class, his instructors and his parents.  This began his drive to do his absolute best and prepare hard for every tournament.  Going forward, his commitment made Sifu Abdul a worthy opponent and a strong competitor. Having competed in over a hundred fights, Sifu Abdul has accumulated quite a collection of 1st place trophies across many categories.
By the time Sifu Abdul became an Orange belt in Kung Fu, he was already competing against Black belts in other disciplines while still ranking in 1st place, standing undefeated in his categories 7 years running at the Best of the Best tournaments held annually for Western Canada.
While focusing on University and family, Sifu Abdul took a break from training for several years. When the time came to get back into training, Sifu Abdul started doing TaeKwonDo, both training toward his 1st Degree Black Belt, as well as teaching the art.
It was then Sifu Abdul decided it was time to bring back his inner dragon, the fire within that pushed him to be his best!  He returned to Kung Fu and Kick Boxing, reuniting with Yin Lung Si Gung George Kovacs.  With the two, it was as though time stood still and all those years apart and the friendship uninterrupted.
Sifu Abdul currently has 2nd Dan Black Belt in Ping Kwon Do (Wai Chia Kung Fu) and a 2nd Dan Black Sash in Chinese Kickboxing.
As an instructor, Sifu Abdul utilizes the traditional learning methods that he was taught as a student. Sifu Abdul enjoys teaching students through his own experiences and upbringing to maximize each students’ potential.
Currently, SiGung and Sifu are exploring options to expand to a new dojo together. This will allow Lightning Fist Academy to best respond to demands from potential students of all ranks and skill. 


Our mission is to help members build confidence, discipline, focus, physical/mental strength, and learn self-defence skills. We treat our members, as we like to be treated.

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